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FactOne Capital crafts custom equipment financing solutions. Our solutions are guaranteed to solve your problems. And we make the whole process incredibly easy!

Upgrade and Replace Your Old Equipment

Keep your overhead down by upgrading and replacing old equipment for newer and more efficient models. Not only will you be saving on repair costs and increasing efficiency, but you’ll also be upgrading the look and image of your company, which is important to stay fresh and competitive.

Acquire Equipment to Win New Contracts

New and larger contracts require a lot of investment from companies. A large portion of that investment is new equipment to service a customer that hasn’t been serviced before. A long-term contract requires planning and a financial partner. Finance what you need to keep that contract right where it belongs – with you.

Add Essential Equipment to Your Fleet: Save Rental Fees

If you’ve been renting a unit for several months then it’s time to seriously consider financing the unit for less per month. Save on monthly expense as well as start building your business credit. If it wasn’t essential to your company’s success, you wouldn’t be renting for long periods of time.

Obtain Equipment Needed to Discontinue Outsourcing

You’ll make more money and maintain more control if you bring those outsourced services in house. Stop paying those outside companies to manufacture, haul or install the products that you could be doing yourself, if you had the equipment you need.

We know that equipment financing can be tough, but we can make it easy! We craft custom financing solutions for each client, with flexible terms. We are confident that our solutions are the smartest and most effective means of providing financing options available. Instead of telling you the programs we offer, we let you tell us what the equipment financing you need has to do, in order to make sense for you. We specialize in financing equipment of all types, all over the country, new or used.

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